One Legaspi Park Union Church, Makati City, Philippines

A small foam model was made. Foam models were cut with foam cutters. In valuable to make quick study models.

Office space, Schaumburg, IL

This particular model shows office spaces along with the reflected ceiling plan inserted toward the back of the model. The round skout  lightst were actual white plastic washers that saved allot of time if I had to make them another way. When making models look around your surroundings or go to a store like Joann’s and look at all the sewing accessories and buttons. With a little creativity you’ll be able to find misc. objects for your models. Re-paint them and make them fit into your scale.  For example, small buttons can be made into flower pots.

Tellabs, Naperville, IL

Gemini Elementary School, Des Plaines, IL

Small massing models like this help give clients a visual idea of square footage and massing. This  model uses three colors that are all the same temperature to represent street, side and grassy areas and a gray for the building. New massing pieces made in white represent the new  square footage and  are made to fit exactly where the existing building ends. Here are three areas of interest,  an entry, building connection and gymnasiums expansion  were new pieces. It’s easy and effective to have many pieces made ahead of time when communicating to clients.

Harper College, Palatine, IL

A quick study model to the entry of Harper College was made. The architect envisioned inspiration from sail boat massing. This small model of the existing structure was made in color and the new proposal was made in white.  It was glued to a base to be attached as needed to explain the concept. I coined the statement, “Your journey starts at Harper’.

Hayward City Hall, Hayward, CA

Started out as a simple white model, as the project progressed more detail was added, ie color, people and trees until the needs dictated that a larger more detailed model was needed.  Under the category of study models pictures of the larger model are shown.

Genecor, Palo Alto, CA

A small concept model built in-house at an architect’s office. What made this project  such a treat is that a photograph of the model was used at the construction bill board.

Niles North and West High School, Niles, IL

Conceptual model often use simple materials and colors to illustrate basic improvement areas. In this case cork was air brushed slightly to show parking lot, existing buildings were made from wood and Plexiglas with colored tint were used to illustrate new areas of construction..

Candlestick Point Developement, San Francisco, CA

This case shows an overall site model with the surrounding area. A second model was made that allowed inserts of various design schemes.

Misc. downtown developement massing model

My first architectural model in my first office job.

San Francisco State University, CA

White cardboard boxes  on the actual site plan is a good and fast way to make a quick model with lots of misc information. This method works well with floor plans for larger scale house models.

*Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, Sacramento, CA

Scale 1/32