Chestnut Square, Glenview, IL

A large color presentation model had to be made to convince the client. The interiors department had drawings and even a rendering but, that wasn’t enough for the client to see the whole picture. This was a fun model to make, it’s not often you can make a 1/4″  with many details. Even the tables had magazines, the walls had artwork and even the color and texture of the wall paper and carpet was correct. I remember helping one of the interior designers load the model into her car, it barely fit. I wished her ‘Good Luck’ as she left. It was the first time that the client would see the model. The next morning I arrived and on my desk I found a note with a few Hershey kisses. The note read…”Thank you for all your efforts! They loved it! We can go forward with the rest. They loved everything! (even the colors.) We only have one minor alteration.”