Zakynthos, Greece

Every year the Zaykynthian Brotherhood of San Francisco hosts a dinner dance. As usual the half time entertainment is filled with speeches with the rendition of the American and Greek national anthems. Only this year, 1992, I decided to do something  special and thought a large architectural model would help people remember their memories of growing up. A large four by six foot model was made, complete with a mountain, city blocks, building, trees, an ocean and a few landmark buildings.

Ayala Center Makati Density Study, Makati Philippines

Downtown massing plan model that studies existing and future square footage developments. The pyramid shape in the middle is the Glorietta, a glass sided center where a stage and food court was located in this large shopping center. Please look under the ‘study’ category to see a more detailed model of this unique space.

Existing building massings were constructed out of cardboard specifically Strathmore museum board. That might be a hard material to find today, but years ago that material was available in 4-2 ply’s…sometimes even one. Great material to work with because it’s the same color all the way through. Cuts easily with a few passes with a sharp Exact-o blade and glues well. Along with a few other mat boards and colors it turned out to be professional looking model without the heavy weight, and it was easy to transport. Typically these models are made out of a more durable material such as plastic or wood.

The newer buildings were made from white foam and cut with a foam cutter.  Blocks of white foam are pushed through a small band saw type of apparatus but, instead of a blade, there’s a thin wire that cuts the foam quickly and easily. These over sized chess pieces they were called ranged from an inch to eleven inches tall.

Marmion Academy, Aurora, IL