West and North High School, Niles, IL

Larger study models were made that allowed architects to design with further details. . Grey  museum board was used for the buildings represented existing buildings. White museum board was used to show new construction.

Potrereo Square Lofts, SF, CA

Before the larger presentation color model of the lofts was made a smaller one had to be built. A few issues were still pending and this model helped clarify those issues.

Golden Empire Tower, Manila Philippines

Another example of a model with the drawing elevations applied to the sides. This is a  method that adds details quickly that would other wise be cost prohibitive and time consuming.

GSIS Headquarters, Manila Philippines

Large project that was divided into three parts, two were the length of the mall, and third was the front.  An all paper model except for the trusses that were cut with a laser and painted white.

Hayward City Hall, Hayward, CA

The Hayward City Hall model was build as in-house design study.   As different parts of the building were being designed simultaneously the model was built up giving the designers a real and true sense of what exactly they were proposing.  When the design was finalized,  colors were added.  The  client appreciated the step-by-step process of progress and was able to understand and follow along. 

I remembered the architect was a bit stressed on Friday and asked me to make and add a copper seamed metal roof on the model.  Apparently there was disagreement on what the final roof material would be and it had to be done by Monday. Not pleased that I had to spend my weekend working on it but was able to make something that pleased myself, hoping he would agree.  On Monday, I arrived late at the office and wasn’t sure what kind of reception I would get.  Obviously he saw the  model  earlier and apparently saw me at my station and yelled from his office that was some fifty diagonally feet from mine…”that’s the best fucking metal seam roof  I’ve ever seen!” Guess what…the building was built with a metal seam roof. Unfortunately, I have not located that picture that shows where the copper roof was built.

Cebu Superblock, Cebu City, Philippines

A large circular shopping mall was designed with an outside ring and center, two model in one.  Often the architects would visit me as this large study model was being built because it helped on the spot visualization. Scale 1/8″

Harvest Bible Chapel, Elgin, IL