One Legaspi Park Union Park, Makati City, Philippines

A larger model was made to explore design options for the exterior as well as the inside. Union Church was expanding to including a church. A take apart model was made to show the various rooms how they were designed as to misc. adjustment to the exterior appearances.

*George and Tula Christopher Center, SF, CA

This model of the George and Tula Christopher Center  was unveiled at the churches dinner dance.  In addition to drawings and renderings (colored drawings) on easels, the architectural model was looked at the most for the complete picture and understanding.  I still remember how much work it was to cut out the trusses. Those trusses were cut out of 4-ply 1/16″ white museum board and were cut out with an exact -o knife. Taking my time to scribe a line, then another and other before going through the board.  Took a long time to do but, was well worth the effort and effect.  The church center still has the model and on occasion when I do see it, it still looks like the day I made it.

Ayala Center the Glorietta, Makati, Philippines

This particular model was made to be a take apart model. The pyramid roof came off to reveal the centralized shopping area below.  The shopping area  was made to be removed to add various schemes in case the client didn’t the plan another one could be fitted underneath. Luckily for us the client like the first scheme and no more were needed. In addition to making the models, it was my job to photograph them also.  I was fortune to capture an incredible picture  looking up into the pyramid  from the inside. It looks real and it’s one of favorite pictures.

The original model had the pyramid top with clear glass, then the top was covered with a type of Mylar to give the impression of opaque glass. This is what the model  looked like when it was put into a box and shipped to the client in the Philippines. It was packed well that it arrived in one piece. Unfortunately, it did not return that way. The pyramid cracked in half but, it was a blessing in disguise.  Future picture would reveal the inside while giving an impression of the glass top.

Private residence, Bay Area, CA

The client requested a model of his new house to be build so he could see the entire scope. He could visualize,  but his  wife could not. What made this model special was it was a take-apart in which the roof could be removed and all the interior wall partitions were build on top of the floor plans. When the roof was removed all the room names and other misc. details were prescent and helped tremendously. No longer did you have to look away, the architectural plans were there in the floor plan and the exterior walls. This technique of applied drawings to the model is very helpful and clear. This model was made from 3/16 foam core, glued together with Elmer’s glue and cut with an Exact-o  knife.