This particular model was made to be a take apart model. The pyramid roof came off to reveal the centralized shopping area below.  The shopping area  was made to be removed to add various schemes in case the client didn’t the plan another one could be fitted underneath. Luckily for us the client like the first scheme and no more were needed. In addition to making the models, it was my job to photograph them also.  I was fortune to capture an incredible picture  looking up into the pyramid  from the inside. It looks real and it’s one of favorite pictures.

The original model had the pyramid top with clear glass, then the top was covered with a type of Mylar to give the impression of opaque glass. This is what the model  looked like when it was put into a box and shipped to the client in the Philippines. It was packed well that it arrived in one piece. Unfortunately, it did not return that way. The pyramid cracked in half but, it was a blessing in disguise.  Future picture would reveal the inside while giving an impression of the glass top.