I grew up here, the church was nearby the house and I spent much time here. It has  become a special place for me and even though I live in Chicago now I still think about the experiences and memories growing up there.  Was just starting my architectural career of building architectural models and was at church one day and found the drawings. Borrowed them and a year later this model was completed. I needed the experience and wanted to practice, no better way to make things that you love.  When the project was completed it was donated to church.

I remember  discussing my plans  with my dad  if I should make a cut-away model and my dad say’s to me…if people want to see what the inside looks like they’ll go up to the model, he cupped his hand  and motioned to how people would do this..that’s when I decided I didn’t want people touching the model to make a cut away. The inside architecture is just as important as the outside. A study of white board was made first then the colored one with much detail that included sketches of the iconography inside the church, pews, and candles.

This model was built in the early 90’s.  About twenty years later the church asked me to build a Tabernacle. The Orthodox tradition is to have the Tabernacle reflect the current structure of the church. Without the card board model experience I would have not know to put a Tabernacle together made out of brass. I was able to find a method of construction to achieve this.