How I got started in model making….

Not sure what age I was but I do remember being home from school with nothing to do. At the time, our family shared a summer home with another Greek family in the sleepy town of Calistoga, CA. During that time I decided to build a model of that summer home. Gathered the line paper and started to draw a few drawings then got busy. I had no idea how to put something together but tired anyway. Popsicle sticks, white glue and ideas quickly faded with the realization set in that it’s much harder then it looks.

Many years later while taking classes at San Francisco City College and was enrolled in a free hand drawing class. It was near the end of the semester and somehow I got behind. The instructor a jolly fellow granted the extra time and asked me to pass by his studio to drop off the drawing. Finally found his studio on Illinois St. and walked in. Great light, airy, tall ceilings and there he was huddled around a model, his hand extended inside as he was trying to adjust something. At first he didn’t see me… but when I first saw what he was working on I heard my childhood voice that said, “That’s how your going to build your model (of the summer home). By that time we didn’t have that home anymore but, that was the spark that would excite the passion. 

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